On a stranger cusp

On a stranger cusp

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On a Stranger Cusp By Rob Hankins
 LIMITED EDITION \ 12 Pieces created

Rob Hankins' "On a Stranger Cusp" is a captivating black and white photograph that embodies raw sensuality and intricate detail. The image features a torso adorned with shimmering chains and rings, the metallic elements glinting against the subject’s skin. The texture of the chains, hand embellished with metallic foil, adds a tactile dimension to the visual experience. The figure’s glossy, highlighted skin creates a luminous contrast, drawing the viewer into the interplay of light and darkness.

This artwork is printed on canvas and framed in a sleek black frame, providing a modern and sophisticated touch that enhances the photograph's bold aesthetic. The black frame complements the dramatic tones of the image, focusing attention on the intricate details and textures. "On a Stranger Cusp" is a testament to Hankins' ability to fuse elegance with edginess, offering a visually compelling piece that speaks to themes of adornment and allure. This piece invites viewers to explore the layers of meaning and the exquisite craftsmanship evident in every aspect of the composition.

 LOS ANGELES, CA \ Art by Talent | Collection I 2024